Body Treatments

1 hour treatments : Prices from £60

Relaxing massage (Mardana Abhyanga £60) This is a relaxing massage used to pacify the doshas and the tired body and mind. The massage strokes used are gentle and soothing allowing you to totally relax and sleep.

Revitalizing massage (Marma Abhyanga £65) This is a revitalizing massage of the marma points (energy point junctions) that stimulates the circulatory, immune and nervous systems. This revitalising massage helps to restore vital energy which at times stagnates and makes your vulnerable to illness. This massage clears these blockages by stimulating and pacifying the doshas. It targets the five senses bringing harmony which is then experienced through the intellect, enlivening and healing the imbalances in the body and mind.

Deep tissue (Vishesh £65) This is a strong and vigorous massage that activates circulation, breaks up toxic adhesions, stimulates lymphatic flow and guides impurities out of the body.

Weight Reducing Massage (Udvartana £75) This a great massage for getting rid of cellulite and losing weight! It cleanses the body of accumulated toxins and cellulite. Herbal powder is mixed with oil that is used to scrub the body as an exfoliation treatment to leave you feeling both relaxed and radiant. The paste is made from a unique combination of herbs that is designed to remove excess subcutaneous fat and treat oily skin. It promotes subcutaneous blood circulation by stimulating the skin tissue which gives a glow to the skin. A series of these are recommended for improving skin texture and tone.

30 minutes treatments – Price : £35 

Exhilarating Back Massage (Pristhabhyanga) Herb-infused Ayurvedic oils are used for this muscle-relaxing and revitalising massage which relieves backache, improves blood circulation and releases tension and strains. It also promotes the flow of energy throughout the body by activating its energy channels, as well as calming and strengthening the nervous system.

Foot massage (Padabhyanga) The feet are first placed in warm neem soap water which is especially beneficial due to its antibacterial properties. The toes, feet, calves and marma points are then massaged in circular movements to improve circulation and increase energy levels. A foot massage goes beyond cosmetic purposes as it benefits the whole body and nervous system.

Hand massage (Karabhyanga), This is a herbal hand treatment that focuses on the whole forearm. Similar to the foot massage, the marma points in the hands are massaged slowly allowing a release of stagnant energy and tiredness.

Abdominal massage (Nabhi Abhyanga) This is a massage that looks to undo some of the physical, emotional and spiritual problems that get stored in this vital area of creativity in our body. With regular massage of this area, blocked energy and tension gets released, a sluggish digestion gets stimulated and constipation remains at bay.

Additional 1/2 hr bolus treatment (£25) : All massages can be preceded with a traditional bolus treatment (pinda sweda) to further relax, invigorate or relieve sore muscles and painful joints. This has to be booked prior to the day.

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