Vastu Consultation

Vaastu, the ancient science of architecture and buildings that harness universal energies, is very popular with rich Indians around the world. A house has several energy fields that influence the well-being of its dwellers. The flow of these energies has both positive and negative effects on you. The good news is that you can manage it to your advantage. We will show you how! Our Vastu advisory and consulting service can help you remove negative influences in your home and work environment, promote peace and happiness and attract wealth and abundance in your life.

A consultation is a meeting up to an hour to discuss the problems and make necessary recommendations without visiting the site. This is a flat rate of £75.

A total Vastu advice package includes one site visit, studying site plans and making recommendations in writing. Costs TBA. A special price is available for members of Integral Yoga and Sri Aurobindo Society for a limited period only.

In all cases we will require property plans, drawn to scale.

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