What to bring with you

As you have made an investment to come to a retreat it is worth looking at what you should and should not bring so here are a few things that we recommend.

Do bring

  • A map to the retreat
  • Therma Rests/Sleeping bag/tents (depending on the retreat you are on)
  • Yoga Mat and cushion (if the venue does not provide it)
  • Some loose garments for your yoga and meditation classes
  • Walking boots or shoes if you want to go for a walk
  • If you have booked or intend to have an Ayurvedic massage during the retreat then please bring your own big towel, preferably dark coloured along with some old clothes to wear after
  • Any medication that you are currently taking or may need during your stay
  • Some warm clothing for the evenings
  • A shawl or light blanket for your meditation classes
  • A blanket for out door fire ceremonies or bonfire evenings
  • Swimming costume, depending on the facilities of the venue
  • Toiletries and a towel
  • Notepad, pen and colouring pencils (yes we may be doing some art work too)
  • An apron if you intend to join in the Cooking sessions

Optional – an alarm clock and camera

Do not bring

  • Any form of office work, accounts, to do list etc. that is going to drain your energy. It is a good idea to leave your lap top at home!
  • Excess of any thing as this will cause stress
  • Expensive items as they may divert your attention
  • Alcohol, tobacco and recreational drugs

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