About Vaastu Shastra

The word ‘Vastu’ or ‘Vaastu’ as some spell it, in Sanskrit means dwelling. Vaastu pertains to the physical, psychological and spiritual order of the built environment. Vibrations are created by the flow of energy. The flow of positive energy creates positive vibrations, and favours good mental and physical health of the people dwelling in the house. There is a lot of similarity between Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui.

As we have read about Ayurveda, we are now already aware how everything in this world is made of the Five elements (earth, water, fire, air and space). The principles of Vastu Shastra are also dependent on the arrangement of these five elements. There are five basic theoretical factors behind Vastu Shastra:

Solar Science: Depending on the distance between the Sun and every point on earth, there are positive or negative rays, which affect our physical and mental health. For instance, morning rays are considered positive rays, and afternoon rays are considered harmful. Your home is static, and so should be designed in such a way that windows and all sources of ventilation absorb as many positive rays as possible.

Earth’s magnetic field: Blood contains haemoglobin, which contains iron. Since there is iron in the blood, magnetism affects its circulation. If the collective magnetism of your body is taken into account, your head is the north and feet south. So, when your head is facing towards the north, like poles repel and the blood circulation to the brain decreases and if the head is towards the south blood flow increases. During sleep you require minimum circulation so it is best to have your head facing either East or west.

Wind: Breathing fresh air is beneficial to good health and therefore your house ventilation points should be put correctly. This is also dependent on the landscape of the surrounding area. Atmospheric pressures or the changes in it also affect wind hence a careful study of the environment is necessary.

Law of Gravitation: You are constantly being pulled to the centre of the Earth. The force pulling towards the centre of the earth is also concentrated at the centre of the object. Your house is also an object, and within your house there is a point which acts as the centre of gravity. Laying excess pressure on this point by placing heavy objects could be detrimental to the structure.

Cosmic Forces: This last factor links Vastu Shastra to astrology, which considers all planetary positions and distances. Vastu Purush (energy) Mandala (astrological chart which relates to the layout) dictates the site planning.

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