A unique Individual programme

A three phase programme designed to get you working to your maximum potential. Empowerment is key! This flexible programme does not work with any timescales, demands or expectations instead centres around heightening awareness to allow you to transform life – physically, mentally and emotionally. This is a tailor-made programme using different healing methods including herbs, detox treatments, diet & nutritional therapy, lifestyle counselling and coaching along with restorative yoga and meditation. Using different Eastern philosophies we look at the root cause of the problem than suppressing symptoms. All this done with simplicity, love and kindness.

Are you ready to off load? Are you ready for change? Do you want to start anew? If so, then get on this programme and see how you can transform yourself by listening to your Inner Healer.

This is not a case of “one suits all” as it is tailor-made and personalised for the individual. It employs a psycho-somatic approach of treatment where the emphasis is made to the integration of the mind and body.

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