Team Building Cooking Class

Would you like to learn simple tricks on how to work together using cooking as a project? We can teach you easy cooking techniques that you can use to understand your colleagues better by availing of their best abilities. This in turn will help to increase your overall productivity while having fun and creating new relationships and dishes! 

Our cooking classes are informative and interactive.  It gives you the opportunity to learn to make something new, simple, delicious and is beneficial for your health. We will teach you to use common ingredients that are affordable and can be used for therapeutic purposes, good for you and your team mates.

Once divided into teams, you will get to work preparing different dishes. The entire team-building program success depends on your engagement. This is by no means a demonstration class so you will need to get your hands dirty and cook!

We arrange a day, time and venue according to your location and numbers. The cost will be dependent on these factors but will include all ingredients,  handouts and recipes. Please contact us for prices.

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