We are a small group of doctors, health practitioners and yoga teachers who operate online mental health camps to support you.

Swami Saradananda

Swami Saradananda is an internationally renowned yoga and meditation teacher who inspires you to want to practice. She is the author of The Power of Breath, Chakra Meditation, Yoga Mind and Body, The Essential Guide to Chakras, Mudras for Modern Life and The Cleansing Power of Yoga. 

Amita Ghosh

Amita Ghosh is a psychologist with 20+ years experience in mental health, counselling, and organizational psychology to help individuals, couples and businesses to improve and maintain the life they want to live. She is also a certified yoga teacher and trained in mindfulness techniques who uses her knowledge and techniques from both the Eastern and Western philosophies. www.consultamita.com 

Dr Sanjeev Kalra

DR SANJEEV KALRA, MD Neuro-Psychiatry & Sexology (Ayurveda), ABA (Europe), PGDM (Hospital Management) has more than 13 years of experience in this field. He is an ex Sr. Consultant at VIMHAMS, New Delhi who started a holistic Centre, Niramaya, to tackle mental and neurological health issues. It is a Centre for Special Abled Children & Neuro Psychiatry in Delhi. Children of Autism, ADHD, Cerebral palsy, Learning disorders, mental retardation and other disorders are treated successfully at this Centre with complete holistic healing, which is first of its kind in India.

Dr Kalra is specialised in diagnosing, treating and managing critical Neuro Psychiatric cases with an integrative approach. He also specialises in Men’s sexual disorders and dysfunctions.


Azmina Jiwa

Azmina is a personal developmental trainer, Happiness Coach, an author and an international speaker.

Azmina‚Äôs personal development journey started 20 years ago from feeling very unhappy, unworthy, anxious to now feeling vibrant and having zest for life. Over the last fifteen years she has helped hundreds of people by facilitating workshops as a licensed trainer on the book Supper Confidence by Dawn Breslin and Feel the Fear and do it anyway By Dr Susan Jeffers. 2 years ago she published her book Freedom to Be Me. Tel : 07958 373 289 / azminajiwa@yahoo.co.uk

Jo Jyoti Manuel

Jyoti Jo Manuel is the founder of Special Yoga, a global initiaitve to provide therapeutic yoga practises for children with special and additional needs within education, healthcare and families. SHe has been practising yoga since 1974 and teaching since 1989. 

advertise  www.specialyoga.thinkific.com (online platform).  www.specialyoga.org.uk 

Ratna Dey-Cordukes

Ratna Dey-Cordukes is an Ayurvedic Healer, Yoga Nidra Specialist, Meditation Teacher and also a Corporate Mental Health Facilitator.
Ratna practices with a combination of Yoga, Ayurveda and deep meditative methods. She works with a programme Clear, Cleanse, Create that gives her good results. Her approach is simple and down to earth yet very effective. She also runs empowering workshops, courses and cooking classes. Her biggest challenge yet is to get this Mental Health Boost Camp off the ground so more people can benefit. www.forbalance.com / info@forbalance.com

Dr Anita Duggal

Dr. Anita Duggal is one of the few Western trained medical doctors who has also studied Ayurvedic Medicine. She is a specialist in psychiatry working in this field for the past fifteen years. Anita obtained a Diploma in Ayurvedic Medicine in India and a Masters in Ayurvedic Medicine in the UK from Middlesex University in 2007 and is a registered Ayurvedic Practitioner with the Ayurvedic Medical Association (UK). She aims to provide a holistic and integrated approach to problems of health, by drawing from the knowledge and wisdom of Ayurvedic principles as well as her knowledge of the system of modern medicine and Psychiatry.

Contact : 

Beanie Robinson

I am a nutritional therapist and yoga teacher. I love all things to do with natural health. I love working with individuals to help address health concerns that may be improved through changes to diet and lifestyle.

Website – https://www.thehealth-space.com

Instagram @thehealth_space 

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