Initial Consultation (£60 1 hour)

The initial consultation is over an hour so please be prepared. This is because Ayurveda does not only look at symptoms but goes into deep rooted issues so as to be able to eradicate problems rather than just pacify them. In order to do so, an in depth assessement of the state of your health, medical and family history, your diet and lifestyle is required which is done using the three Ayurvedic examination processes:
– darshana or direct observation i.e. tongue diagnosis, listening to your voice, looking at the colour of your eyes, nails, hair etc,
– sparsana or touch i.e. pulse diagnosis, checking for the texture of your skin, checking heart rate and blood pressure and finally
– prasana or questioning which can be verbal or in the form of a written questionnaire.

This thorough assessment helps us to understand your prakriti (unique body-mind constitution) and vikruti (the current state of imbalance of your doshas) to enable to give necessary advice and treatments, where required.

Follow up (£50- 1 hour)

Follow up consultation session lasts 1 hour and your first one is free if you attend the Ewell clinic. Further sessions are to monitor your progress and make ongoing recommendations to your diet and lifestyle.

Dietary consultation (£50 – 1 hour)

This consultation is for people who just want to discuss and plan a dietary plan for themselves. This is held on similar lines as above but more specific to food and general health and wellbeing.

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