About the Company

We decided the name “FOR BALANCE” for its very close association to the underlying principle of both Ayurveda and Reiki. Both principles bring peace and harmony to the human body and mind drawing from the universal energy and have a strong connection to the heart – the hub of all love, understanding and wisdom.

The company was initiated with the above concept; to ensure whatever service or product we provide we do so with utmost sincerity and empathy – after all the heart does not lie! Our endeavour is to pay special attention to the needs of the individual by taking into account every aspect of their life. To this end we have come up with ways and ideas to help interpret, integrate and deliver Ayurveda to suit your natural habituation, personality and financial means just as it was intended. The company’s two product brands further reflect these ideas – “Ayurveda for Everyone” is used for all traditional Ayurvedic treatments and merchandise while “Inspired by Ayurveda” uses its concepts and applies it in a way that is more suited to a western audience.

Our Values

Respect – this is at the core of our work – to ourselves, to you and to the environment

Integrity – working with honesty and truthfulness at all times

Simplicity – this is key when working with our products, services, processes and marketing so to avoid any complexity. 

Creativity – finding ways to resolve health issues in ways that are original and down to earth.

Our thanks

to the Almighty, family, teachers, friends and peers who gave us the encouragement to make this happen. A special thank you to Dr. Athique who gave us the opportunity to study Ayurveda and believed in us.

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