Ratna Bhavani Cordukes MSc Ayu Med, MAPA, Yoga Teacher

The love of anthropology took Ratna to working in the Travel trade and it remains a passion even till today. It was the world of travel that aptly took her into a journey where her holistic interests began. While on holiday in Mauritius Ratna met a lady on the beach who seeing how stressed she was advised her to get some Ayurvedic and Reiki treatments. Ratna took up the offer and believes it was the best decision she ever made. On returning to the UK, Ratna became aware of how relaxed she felt even after 3 months so her curiosity got her reading about both these disciplines. She was pleasantly surprised to discover that Ayurveda was no other than the traditional medicine she grew up with in India. In fact her childhood days were filled with the aroma of roasting herbs and spices that came from her neighbour’s house who was a “Kabi” (Ayurvedic doctor) who made special herbal ointments to cure persistent skin problems and conditions. Realising this Ratna decided to embark on a 5 year study programme with Ayurveda College U.K./Middlesex University that finally saw her receive her Masters in Ayurvedic medicine.

Before doing her internship in India, Ratna was already practising as a Therapist so was aware how prevalent stress, anxiety and depression were in UK. This was further reiterated in an office environment where she worked as a Manager. These experiences prompted her to take a special interest in the prevention and promotion of mental health issues which saw her spending most of her internship dealing with Manasaroga (psychiatric) conditions. She fortified her learning experience through a diverse choice of places in North and South India to understand local methods of practising Ayurveda. In Coimbatore Ratna observed the spiritual aspect of Ayurveda with Vaidya Vasudevan in Arsha Vidyashala; at SDM College in Hassan – a renowned Ayurveda Teaching hospital in India, she learnt the clinical aspects and was fortunate to gain more practical experience at the Tilak Ayurveda hospital in Pune.

Ratna continues her learning with renowned doctors like Dr Vasant Lad, Dr Murthy and Dr Gayatri, the latter who is also Specialist Advisory Doctors for For Balance.

Ratna is keen on using simplistic treatment methods of Ayurveda to maintain positive health. While in India she researched several ways this can be done and went on to do her research for her Masters on using Errhine therapy (nasya) for the prevention of Generalised Anxiety Disorder (Chittodvega). She initially used her office going life to investigate problems while employed methods in Ayurveda to help resolve them. To keep all this in perspective and in the “real world” she continued to practice part time so to be able to truly apply herself and understand the current daily stresses of life.

Ratna’s mission now is to get everyone to understand and integrate Ayurveda into their daily life for positive health results. She employs realistic methods so it is easy to understand and apply. Her desire is to empower individuals with practical tools that enable them to look after their health. She works with a consolidated programme “Clear, Cleanse, Create” that gives her good results. If you are looking for something different, unique or new then Ayurveda with Ratna is for you.


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