Vishram translates to “rest”. We have chosen this as a great way to express what all of us need. With good rest comes energy, clarity, focus and ofcourse a sense of happiness.

After having worked in the travel business for so long I felt that in some way I would always return to this part of my life that brought me in touch with Ayurveda in such a profound way. I absolutely enjoyed travelling the world, meeting people of different cultures and faith so that I could understand life a little bit better from their eyes. I can now comprehend the saying “We are one”.

Vishram came about as an answer to why I now feel it is important for us to firstly understand ourselves and change our own views before running of to change the world! Vishram Retreats and Holidays are designed to bring us closer to our own true nature of thinking, living, relaxing, eating and so on using Ayurvedic concepts and principles. We will be applying techniques within the few days and watching what happens next.

If you are interested to find ways to retreat amidst all that is going on in your life then this will be the perfect one for you. It will allow you, on certain retreats, to visit places and homes of where people practice Yoga and Ayurveda as a way of life. Retreats vary in its content and outcome so everyone can find something they feel suits them and the place they currently find themselves in.

Come rest, relax and reflect with Vishram.

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