Yogic Nutrition

Ingrid Sanchez (ww.ingridsanchez.com)

Sattva is known as purity so food that is sattvic is pure, clean and wholesome. It gives life, strength, energy, courage and self-determination therefore giving us more than the physical requirements. It is a carrier of prana (the life force) that also affects our consciousness.

The Yogic Diet fits into the Ayurvedic concept of the mental constitution which is characterised by the three gunas : Sattva – purity, Rajas – dynamism and Tamas – inertia. The Yogic diet is all about the Sattva element that comprises of foods that are β€œlight and easy to digest” and helps in bringing clarity of perception, unfolds love and compassion and promotes the qualities of forgiveness and austerity.

The core basis is about vegetarianism that helps to maintain the ethos of non-violence. It is an ethical, honest and kind way of eating.

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