Spice Cabinet – the therapeutic kitchen

Dates : 26 Feb 2021 (online) & 26 June 2021 (live in Epsom)

Come learn how to use spices not just to liven up your taste buds but also to ignite your digestive fire or “Agni”! Spices in1 Ayurveda are used for therapeutic purposes based on the six tastes theory. They are an important part in Ayurvedic medicine because of the therapeutic benefits they add to food. For centuries spices have been considered natural medicine because of their internal cleansing action. Including spices in your daily meal is highly recommended for oxidising harmful cells, stimulating the flow of lymphatic fluids and helping with eliminating toxins. Using spices also aids in boosting energy levels, enhancing the digestive process and adding medicinal values.

Venue and Cost

All inclusive price of £50 (live) & £25 (online). Payment is required in full. To reserve your place please go to the Online Shop via this link : https://forbalance.com/product-category/courses-events/

Cancellations of workshops and courses made within 24 hours of the event start time will be charged at the full amount

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