Nasya – Errhine therapy

£35 – 30 minutes

Nasya is a great treatment for pain or discomfort in the head, neck or shoulders region.

It effectively relieves sore neck and shoulders, headaches, allergies, congestion, loss of smell, sneezing, sinusitis, sunken and puffy eyes. Nasya is also beneficial for sufferers of insomnia, as well as for those who feel run-down and fatigued.

This treatment starts with a short face massage with oil matched to your constitution. Heat is then applied to your face for deeper penetration of the oil. The treatment ends with the administration of 3-8 drops of oil in each nostril, depending on your concerns. A series of these treatments can be taken for even more pronounced results. A 3 or 7 day treatment is given according to the condition being treated.

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