Satsang in Yogic philosophy means  to unite with a company of like minded who are in search of the “highest truth”. This can involve activities like reading from the scriptures and then reflecting and discussing, exploring different methods of meditation, chanting or even watching a film of a guru.

It is with love and joy that we welcome you to join us to Satsang every last Sunday of the month to explore possibilities and give devotion to the highest Truth. We will offer our heart and soul to the Divine through song, mantra, discourse, meditation and prayer with a hope many will be inspired to join us. The satsang follows with a yogic meal and opportunity to meet and talk with the community. This is a free event though we ask you kindly to make a donation toward the meal.

Venue and Cost

Starting in the New Year every last Sunday of the month from 7pm at For Balance Clinic, Epsom (see clinic section for details). Suggested donation of £5 welcome towards the meal. Booking is absolutely essential. 

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