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Letter written to ReCentre Health  – I just wanted to express my appreciation and thanks following a set of consultations with one of your practitioners, Ratna Dey Cordukes. I sought her services because of a long term skin condition during the early part of this year. During our first meeting I found her to be very warm and sensitive, she made me feel at ease immediately. After taking a detailed history she prescribed a holisitic programme which involved both dietary changes and the application of ayurvedic creams. I followed this plan for a few short weeks and my condition improved significantly. After three further visits my excema disappeared completely. To date thankfully it has not returned. I have also found my general health and sense of well being to be much better. I am very grateful to Ratna for helping me with this very debilitating problem and would happily recommend her to my friends or associates with similar difficulties. – Ursula Shirbon / Iyengar Yoga Studio

Ratna is a very warm and welcoming person and I felt at ease with her straightaway. It is so apparent that she loves what she does and has a wealth of knowledge about Ayurveda.

I had an initial consultation and then a course of six massages. Ratna spent a good deal of time finding out how she could help me patiently answering any questions I had. I was given suggestions about diet and lifestyle as due to my low state of mind, I most definitely had not been looking after myself! The massage is quite different to anything I have experienced before – Ratna used a special blend of herbs in a sesame oil to help with my particular problems. I can honestly say that I feel so much better – far less tired than I was and physically and mentally far more balanced and relaxed. I am also far more focussed on my own wellbeing (not in a selfish way of course) having spent a long time putting everyone else first, giving little thought to myself. I feel totally revived and in a much better frame of mind to cope with all that life throws at me – that totally jaded feeling has gone.

I would wholeheartedly recommend – even if you don’t feel the need for treatment at the moment, it is a joy to chat to Ratna and peruse the goodies she has on sale in her shop. – Janet Lethbridge/Ewell

This is the best back treatment I have had in 20 years – Michael/Cobham

I have had headaches all my life but with an advice of making one small change in my life has resulted in not having one for the last 6 months. I cannot believe it – Patricia/Ewell

About our Courses & Workshops

Self Care/ Healing Course

“I just completed a four month course on Ayurveda Self Care with Ratna. The course was fantastic. Practical, informative and grounded. As a yoga teacher everything Ratna shared with us resonated with me. Any yoga teacher would benefit immensely from this course. And even if you have no knowledge in either, this course offered everyday simple tips on how to live a fuller, healthier and more grounded life. Every day we were treated to Ratna’s incredible food… totally nourishing and made with nothing but love! Thanks Ratna” – Nicola / Yoga Teacher

“Ratna your’re a very generous, giving teacher. I’ve loved your food too! Thank you for a comprehensive introduction to Ayurveda. You have a huge range of knowledge and have shared it in a way that is very accessible – enough to be interesting but not so much that it would have been overwhelming.” – Suzie / Yoga Teacher
“You are able to deliver a very authentic course. You really know your subject and practical applications have been brilliant.” – Christine / Yoga Teacher

Diet & Nutrition

I thoroughly enjoyed Ratna’s “Ayurvedic Diet and Nutrition” one day workshop. As a nutritionist myself, I am always interested to learn new ways of looking at the therapeutic nature of our food, something which is very much at the heart of what Ratna teaches. I came away with a good grasp of the basics of Ayurvedic, all thanks to Ratna’s great knowledge imparted in a fun, relaxed and infomal style. We also had the opportunity to sample lots of delicious home-cooked food, which helped to illustrate what Ratna was teaching. All in all – a great way to spend a Sunday. Thank you Ratna !! Judith Reid www.judithreidnutrition.co.uk)

Spice Cabinet Cooking class – I went on the Spice Cabinet workshop at the Ayurvedic Café in Ewell and it was brilliant! I seriously recommend going to the next one – I now know what spices actually are and how to use them to benefit my health on a daily basis – Serena/Dorking

Diet & Nutrition workshop – I find the style easy, encompassing and practical – Reinu Kalia Baker/Walton on the Hill

About our Products

Chywanprash Amalaki Fruit Jam – “Yum really nice, I did not expect it to taste so good. Amazing stuff!” – Barbara/Cheam

The Face oil does wonders to my skin and it also smells divine – Melanie/Greece

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