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Yoga & Meditation “Yogas chitta vritti nirodha” translates to “yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind”
Ayurveda The aim of Ayurveda is two-fold, one as Charaka mentions is to “maintain the health in the healthy and the quieting of disorders in the ailing”(Ca.Su.30:25).
Vastu Vaastu, the ancient science of architecture and buildings that harness universal energies, is very popular with Indians around the world.
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Free Yoga Nidra To Help Relax You Through Cv19

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Ayurvedic Spring Detox 7 days Ayurvedic Spring Detox for ÂŁTBA. Offer ends 30 June A wonderful cleansing programme…

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Autumn Introspection Weekend with Yoga & Ayurveda  Weekend Retreat for £TBA if booked online. Offer ends 27 July Immerse yourself in the sister sciences! 

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