Anger Management in Ayurveda

Anger or “krodha” as called in Ayurveda stems when there is an increase of Rajas in our mental constitution. Rajas typically causes all forms of stimulation which in normal circumstances is required to live our daily lives however when imbalanced causes negative emotions like jealousy, hatred, impatience, aggression and anger. Pitta dosha has a great influence on the function of our mind therefore in excess it causes uncontrollable and constant anger. In order to control this anger it is necessary to holistically balance both Rajas and Pitta at a physical and mental level.


Sattva is the positive mental energy that promotes positive attitude and emotions. It is absolutely necessary for keeping our mind free from negativity like anger. Sattva impulse leads to the creation of Ojas, the most refined form of consciousness in the physical body. One of the focus of Ayurveda is to increase Ojas. This is what makes us feel good and stay healthy at all levels. Unbalanced pitta and excess rajas tend to burn ojas which over time makes this anger lessen the “sweetness” in our lives. To avoid this from happenning one should follow a sattvic increasing and pitta balancing diet and lifestyle.


Avoid all mindless foods such as processed, stale, filled with preservatives, additives and colourings that increase both Rajas and Pitta. It is adviseable to also refrain from foods that over stimulate such as refined sugars, red meats, spicy, fermented, excessive salty and sour foods, fizzy drinks, alcohol, coffee as they are culprits for causing negative effects on you.


Lifestyle changes also need to be made to ensure pitta is balanced. Anger and pitta both move in vicious circles. Pitta aggravates anger and constant anger causes further aggravation of Pitta. This is the reason for headaches, acid reflux and heart burns after a heated argument or fit of anger. Cultivating a Sattvic lifestyle will increase Ojas and keep Pitta balanced. Here are a few recommendations that help to reduce anger:


– follow Swasthvritta or the Ayurvedic Daily Regimen


– Get to bed early and have an adequate amount of sleep


– Walk in nature to feast the senses that greatly reduce anger


– Do a mind-body exercise like yoga or tai chi every day


– Be mindful


– Develop a positive attitude


– Start forgiving


– Be compassionate


– Fill the communication gap


– Lastly do not forget to breathe!