Hidden Opportunities while staying at home

Week 5 into WFH and everyone is still adjusting to the new “norm” of staying at home, not socialising or meeting people outside the family circle. It actually shows how much of our time is spent on others or away from ourselves. We spend so much of our time in the new business of “busyness”! Speaking to a friend recently, we were discussing how in “old days” when you asked someone how they were – they spoke in length about their feelings, their health, family or work. Now the answer to the same question returns with a “really busy” and the conversation stops there to suggest we have already taken too much of their time asking.

So now with the Coronavirus, we find ourselves suddenly alone with nothing to do except our desire to meet or do things with others. The truth is we may never get this time again in our lives so why not spend it on ourselves! For me personally it seems like nature has hit the reset button. We need to go back into ourselves first before anything else. So much of our issues and problems today are about us not having “me” time – not just to pamper ourselves, rest and enjoy hobbies but more so to realise what we truly want and recognise our innate talents, skills and strengths. We seek everything from outside us when there is so much in abundance within us. 

So it is best to use this time wisely – draw inward and start to create a picture of all those things that make you happy. This may be the only time in your life that you will have this opportunity to do this so do not waste it even if it is to clean your house/flat or catch up on your sleep. Here are a few pointers towards staying happy and calm:

  • Make a list of all the things that you always wanted to do or places you wanted to visit – now make a plan of how you are going to make this happen. I find Franklin Covey Time Matrix works for me why not try it yourself – http://www.mytimemanagement.com/franklin-covey.html
  • Learn something new – even if it is to make an omelette, hemming your skirt, gardening or if you are really up for it, a whole new subject, using online courses or You Tube Tutorials. Use this time for some personal development.
  • Help others – If you are able to – then do so, from volunteering, to helping someone vulnerable, like offering to pick up food for your elderly neighbour, doing some deliveries for NHS staff or donating at a local food bank.
  • Start a mindfulness practice – you can use apps like Calm, Headspace or Mindmesiter. I would have liked to have included an audio of a yoga nidra session of mine but did not want to crash the system so watch this space for another time……
  • Nothing wrong in some escapism – enjoy dreaming – it is yours and for free! Or else lose yourself in TV or film (Netflix or Disney), go through your to-be-reading list or start playing a video game. Let yourself be distracted – you deserve it! 

Nelson Mandela spent over 25 years in prison locked up in solitary confinement and look what he managed to achieve! Imagine if everyone could come out of this having achieved something big for themselves – what a great time it would be to look back on! We are fortunate to have this opportunity for ourselves so go wild with your dreams and hopes for a better tomorrow that you can start today. We can all do this!