There is a message circulating on face book about Paying it Forward where you need to do something for 3 people before the end of 2014 (no offence to anyone who is participating). This brought this saying of Buddha in my head – “Kindness should become the natural way of life, not the exception”. So today I introduce you to the Sanskrit word “Seva” which translates to selfless service. The desire to do seva is intensely propelled by a desire to serve for little or NO money/remuneration. 

So the question now is how do you do that in a life/society where you need to pay mortgages, bills, student fees etc. There are so many ways you can still serve without spending money eg. saying hello to an old person in the supermarket, cooking for someone who is struggling, providing tea to a stranger working in the cold outside your home and the list goes on. Are you able to serve – just for the sake of serving?