Ayurvastram Yoga Mat


The Ayurvastram yoga mat is a unique product for yoga practitioners and students alike giving them maximum health benefits.

Product Description

The yoga mat is made ​​from 100% organic cotton and is woven with a light ribbed for maximum grip on the mat. The mat is non-slip. Ayurvastram yoga mat is woven by hand and worked with 20 different herbs, including Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum) and Turmeric (Curcuma longa) whch are most important. In the pattern of the mat tulsi is recognizable by the gray-green color and yellow root to the yellow transverse stripes. In the production of the mat are the extracts of more than twenty medicinal plant extracts are used. Together they create the right synergy for optimal Yoga session. Turmeric and Tulsi are the main added herbs. These herbs are not only responsible for the yellow / gray color of the mat, but also each have their specific medicinal properties. Tulsi has a calming effect on the nervous system and helps in proper focus during Yoga. It contributes to an optimal breathing, indispensable during your yoga session! Turmeric has antibacterial properties. This has a cleansing effect on the blood and makes for a beautiful skin and good hygiene of your mat! The Ayurvastram Yoga mat makes your yoga sessions extra special! • Includes non-slip bottom • Top has texture for extra grip • Washable (pre-shrunk! ) • Easy to fold and lightweight (<1 kg): perfect for traveling • Completely natural and biodegradable • Handwoven • Standard size: 66 x 182 cm • Free of chemicals and synthetics Handwoven

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Weight 2 kg


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