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Ayurvastram Eye Pillow


Great for total relaxation

Product Description

The Ayurvastram eye pillow provides gentle support and coolness to the area around the eyes. You will feel instantly calm and relaxed. For best results you can use this 15 to 20 minutes. This eye pillow is made of pure silk and comes in a burlap bag. It contains linseed and is treated with essential oils of Camphora galanga, vetiver and nutmeg and is available in blue (indigo), rose (manjistha) and beige (vetiver). The pouch is washable The eye pillow filled with Ushira (Vetiveria zizanioides), supplemented with many other Ayurvedic herbs and flaxseed. In Ayurveda Ushira is known to be a plant that has a calming effect, improves mood and reduces stress. Harmoniously combined with essential oils, this herb has great cooling properties. The eye pillow features a Ayurvastra natural silk cover and a handy carrying case jute. For a moment of calm in the bustle of everyday life.

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