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Stillness Hour with Yoga Nidra

A powerful meditation class for promoting relaxation as well as personal development based on Yoga and Ayurveda practices.

The class will include Yogic breathing practices, use of Mantras (sound vibrations), Mudras (symbolic hand gestures, Mandalas and Marmas (pressure points) as used in the sister sciences. The core part of this hour is Yoga Nidra (a form of Yogic sleep while staying fully conscious) that not only aims to provide deep relaxation but also to address healing and personal development in key areas of life. To make this practice powerful a yogic way of resolution is introduced to increase positivity and enhance the process of self healing. Come on a journey of Yoga, Ayurveda and healing that brings about transformation.

The class is for one hour and is suitable for everyone – be it a beginner or someone who wants to deepen their practice.

P.S. It is advisable to wear loose clothing and bring your own yoga mat or towel along with a meditation blanket or shawl.

Venue and Cost

Thursday : 7.30pm at Yogaananda Centre, Reigate

Sunday (every 3rd of the month) : 6pm at The Studio, Claygate

Cost : £10

Corporate classes : contact us

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