17 & 18 Aug / 07 & 08 Dec 2020 and 27 & 28 Feb 2021 @ For Balance, Epsom – Surrey

Sattva is known as purity so food that is sattvic is pure, clean and wholesome. It gives life, strength, energy, courage and self-determination therefore giving us more than the physical requirements. It is a carrier of prana (the life force) that also effects our consciousness. During this weekend we will be exploring this concept in relation to both Yogic and Ayurvedic diet. We will also look at the Ayurvedic concept of the six tastes of sweet, salty, sour, bitter, pungent and astringent with special reference to its’ association to the doshas and its energetic and the post-digestive effect it has on the tissues.

You will learn how to plan and cook well balanced, nutritious, vegetarian meals to balance the doshas, improve digestion and metabolism, learn the therapeutic use of spices, wheat and meat alternatives, soothe the mind and rejuvenate the senses. A diet that nurtures the body and calms the mind and emotions.

Course content

  • Understanding the concept of six tastes
  • Understanding the concept of a sattvic diet
  • Understanding prana in foods
  • Understanding the similarities and differences between yogic and Ayurvedic diet
  • The role Agni (digestive fire) in maintaining mind-body balance
  • Understanding health benefits of common spices & herbs
  • Creating meals suitable for dosha type
  • Cooking common Ayurvedic recipes
  • Applying techniques to cater for a family setting
Course benefits
  • Become competent to cook Ayurvedic meals
  • Become familiar with common spices
  • Gain energy and vitality with Ayurvedic cooking
  • Apply yogic diet for good mental health
  • Engaging the senses during cooking
  • Good guidelines for healthy eating


  • Understanding the concept of the six tastes
  • The role of Agni (digestive fire) in maintaining mind-body balance
  • Hands on Cooking common Ayurvedic & Yogic diet menus (sometimes up to 20 dishes a day!!!)
  • Handouts
  • Recipes
  • And even Doggy bags

Course costs £149 that includes lunch and all cooking ingredients. A non-refundable £50 is required to secure a place. This course is also available online for £75. To reserve your place please pay the deposit online

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