11760053_10153668186405116_3018193696468228084_nUnderstanding the spark of life – our Agni (fire)

Agni is the fire that energises us physically, mentally and spiritually. When balanced it transforms our food into nutrients and thoughts/actions into wisdom.  It is a very important aspect of Yoga & Ayurveda.

This workshop aims to understand and explore its function within the subject of transformation and healing. We will look at where it resides and its balanced/ imbalanced state in the human body and mind and learn how to use this subtle energy to improve our digestion, immunity and enhance our general wellbeing.  You will be shown simple and practical ways to integrate all this into your Yoga and Ayurveda practice and lifestyle.

The cost is £75 for the whole day that includes all classes, talks, lunch and handouts.

Date, Time & Venue

Date : 28 Nov 10.30am to 5.45pm

Venue : Special Yoga Centre


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