Art by  Ingrid Sanchez (

Art by Ingrid Sanchez (

New Year Sankalpa Workshop

Setting our New Year intentions the yogic way…….

With the start of the New Year, questions often arise as to what we wish to do with our life. These may raise even deeper queries like “who am I?” and “what I wish to do with my life?” which is how resolutions get made. We tend to follow this pattern every year and find ourselves back at the same place. Does this sound familiar to you?

If so then I welcome you to join me for a special evening where we will first reflect on the past year and explore the power of Sankalpa or “Inspired resolve”.  We will start with Trataka meditation to channel our mind to a single point of focus that will stimulate the Ajna chakra to awaken our Inner wisdom. We will then continue with a meditation using the powerful sankalpa mudra with mantras to embed our intention before finally lying down into yoga nidra to fortify our sankalpa so to be able to harvest the seeds of our heart felt desire in the coming year.

Cost £10 (to book go to Shop and courses-events)

17 Jan 6pm – online (you will receive joining details once payment has been received)

To book go to Shop and choose Events & Courses

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